Image Caption Something Is Clearly Going Wrong Said Steffan Lewis Mr Lewis Said: I Am Concerned That We Might Be Fumbling Ineffectually Without Clear Policies To Guide Our International Outreach.

Sep 24, 2017  

"The immediate conclusion we can draw from this is that Wales' export performance bears no resemblance to Welsh Government's overseas office locations," the FSB said. Image caption Dubai is the location for the Welsh Government's overseas office in the UAE It said the offices were under-resourced, and increasing export capacity "may not be seen as a core function of Welsh Government's overseas presence". The organisation called for the Welsh Government to develop a trade and investment strategy. The FSB said this "would give purpose" to the overseas offices. But the Welsh Government urged caution over the statistics - saying they may not accurately reflect how dependent the Welsh business units of companies are on specific export markets. Image caption "Something is clearly going wrong" said Steffan Lewis Mr Lewis said: "I am concerned that we might be fumbling ineffectually without clear policies to guide our international outreach. "For example, our exports to each of the countries where the Welsh Government has overseas offices fell between 2013 and 2016. "Wales should double its current number of trade missions to give Welsh businesses global reach and ensure that our economy can rise to meet the challenges we will face over the next few years. "A new, evidence based, trade and investment strategy is what Wales needs to provide clear direction and a France renewed approach to improve Wales' global reputation." Image caption Welsh Government said increasing international trade is "key to our approach" The Welsh Government added changes to the way HMRC calculates exports had distorted the picture.

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